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About Us

In 2018, we started the initial stages of planning how we wanted to make an impact in the community; however, we could never truly gauge how we could do that and what it would look like. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we knew we had work to do. There were so many challenges that parents, teachers, students...the world faced during the crippling pandemic. We came together once again and decided to do a Back-to-School drive. We named the organization HartStrong. The event was held in Hartwell, Georgia, and through donations and sponsorships, we were able to provide book bags, school supplies, food, support for parents, on-site voter registration, etc. As we reflected on the event, we realized the need for additional support for parents to be able to support and promote successful outcomes for their children. From that, Im.P.A.C.T for Advancement was birthed. Im.P.A.C.T stands for Improving Parents and Children working Together for Advancement. We are an established non-profit organization that is focused on helping to strengthen the family structure by providing support in financial literacy and planning, continuing education, job development/preparation, mentoring, and homeownership. Thank you for visiting our page and please check back to our page frequently for updated events. If you would like to donate, please go to the home page and click donate. By doing so, you will be a part of the village!

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